.: Red wines

Crego e Monaguillo

Elaborated with Mencía, Arauxa (Tempranillo) and Merenzao. Red color garnet and purplish edge, good cap and good tear.

Intense and complex nose, red fruits of default, strawberry and raspberry, notes vegetable and spread of Coffee, cocoa, chocolate, mineral and lightly floral, jazmine. Surrounding mouth, glicerica and velvet, of average structure, sweet tannins, Greedy and easy to drink, retronasal of fruits and spices, good persistence.


The red wine FATHER 1943, it is a surprising wine that has been spoilt from the vineyard, elaborated with the best vine-stocks of the varieties Mencía (80 %) and tempranillo (20 %) with a step along cask of French oak of six months.

Fresh air expresses in nose with alive aromas to red fruits, a delicate bottom to spicy, creamy and brown notes. In mouth it is tasty and wide, with a good structure of tannic matter, wood well integrated with a long end and seducer that especially transmits happiness. Father.

"The deepest gratitude is that one that we owe they help whom to reach our dreams ... to being who really we are ", FATHER 1943 is an honoring to this feeling and to whom we have been inculcated by his way of understanding the life, the friends value, to love the wine ... but without never forgetting our humble origins.

Mandamientos (Mencía)

The Stained wine is elaborated by the variety named Mencía, stained grape introduced and cultivated principally in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula from the epoch of the Antigua Rome. The above mentioned variety surely was one of the first vine-stocks of grape introduced in the peninsula.

The red wines elaborated with grape mencía, stand out for his capacity of aging, with a velvet typical palate, without neglecting the ideal conditions of this variety in the production of young red wines.

Red wines from Crego e Monaguillo.